About Us

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Teqity is an Amsterdam, the Netherlands based IT Outsourcing company with its main development centers based in Africa.

In 2017, the global traditional outsourcing industry generated $88.9 bn in revenue. The total contract value of the information technology outsourcing (ITO) market amounted to $64.3 bn. Analysts at Technavio predict that this figure will grow to over $409 bn by 2022. With one the main limiting factors being the growing shortage of relevant IT skilled people.

Africa provides a huge opportunity to take up a substantial part of the IT outsourcing slack. And our local offices in Kenya, Uganda, Congo and Ghana with their dedicated staff, will take away two of the most common issues in IT outsourcing: quality and communication.

Our Shareholders and Directors have extensive personal experience in IT outsourcing in all its aspects as well as important personal networks in Fintech, Banks, Mobile Operators and SaaS Platforms for instance for gaming, forex and cryptocurrencies.

Being Local in Africa and Europe provides with a solid base to provide on-time and cost-efficient solutions for all your IT projects.

About Teqity